Digital Education With A Human Touch

Classroom Without Walls is a small company. Really small. In fact, the person whose vision brought this company to life also wrote the course material and is the same person who works with students individually with their writing assignments.

Our focus: to bring to students material they wouldn't normally encounter in either a high school or home school environment. Material that's truly mind-expanding, inspiring, and challenging. The idea is to allow students to practice and sharpen their writing skills with material that engages them and deepens their knowledge of the world around them.

We recommend our current offering as well as forthcoming courses for students who are naturally inquisitive, self-motivated and eager to delve into worlds where the digital age is but a faint hum. A home-schooled student comes to mind as does the public school student who feels intellectually and spiritually constrained.

Rebecca Vincent, Founder

Rebecca received her BA in English Literature from the University of Michigan. She also earned her Masters Degree and PhD in Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. Studying the mythos of past cultures, Rebecca believes, can help a person better integrate with the present. She feels most comfortable in the outdoors and is personally committed to protecting it, which probably explains why her first offering is Environmental Studies.

Philip Hanft, graphic designer, man Friday

Philip spent most of his adult life creating advertising campaigns at a number of major advertising agencies in the Twin Cities. Presenting course material in an engaging and easy to follow format now keeps him occupied. It’s not all that distant from his work in advertising, except that the content is far more elevating.